Rice Purity Test - Check Online Purity Test Score 2020

Rice Purity Test is something that has been taken by youngsters. This purity test a type of survey that is consisted of 100 life-related questions. Purity test is very popular among the youngster. The youngster and school-going boys and girls love to take this purity test.

It covers the issue of privacy, education, society, and many more. Basically its score based test and the numbers of scores you obtained in the test show what kind of personality traits you have and what kind of personality you belong to.

Talking about the best feature of the purity test is that it helps to know you about yourself more. That is the reason it is loved by the most because they get to know about their personality traits and can work on their grooming skills as well.

Here you will get to know about the details of the purity test such as how it works, the history of the rice purity test. Ultimately its a very fun entertaining survey that is very enjoyable by girls and boys that love.

They take it for pleasure. It has basically consisted of 10 questions about personal peculiarity.

A highly recommended purity test is suggested once in a while, one should take this test to know about themselves, about freshen up themselves, and lastly to become the hottest personalty by changing unlikely attributes of the personality.

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What Is The Rice Purity Test?

The rice purity test is defined as a personality test, which is the creation of Rice University located in Houston, Texas. It’s a Rice University attempts that is aim to research intimate life through various issues related to society, education, criminal records

In this test, you will see 100 questions that are purposely arranged to assess a person’s innocence. The score range of Rice Purity is from 0% to 100%.

  • The 100% indicates that the person is full of qualitative traits
  • 0% indicates that the person has the least of qualitative traits.

The Rice Purity Test is a fun entertaining creation that was created just for the amusement of students who love to check out their personalities. The results of the rice test make them aware of their character and help them improve.

An important thing to know The Rice Purity Test is designed in such a manner to maintain one’s identity and information. Forget about the information leaks and take the test without any fear. Our policy is strict about this factor and we will not reveal any kind of information about the test taker. You will always remain anonymous in this matter

All 100 questions are structured in a way that takes you into deep self-realization which has never been the case before.

How Rice Purity Test Work?

The rice purity test is a simple quiz test that is based on 100 questions which you have to answer in yes or no. Wowza! just a simple activity that designed to get to know you about the things that are related to your life. The designed question was related to;

  1. Intimate experience
  2. Your drinking habits
  3. Many other notorious activities.

The rice test score ranges from 0% to 100%, and it reflects achievements and your experience in life. So what are you waiting Without wasting much time lets move towards the steps of the rice purity score test?

  • Step No 1

Click on the Take Test button above

To pass the rice purity test.

  • Step No 2

You will find there are 100 questions just click YES or NO

answer the question that concerns you.

  • Step No 3

Once you have answered these questions, click on ok “calculate my score” and find your rice test score. If the score is 100%, then congratulations, dear, you are very pure, and if the score is 0%, you are in the worst condition or least refined.

I hope these steps assist you to understand how the survey works. Do not delay to take the purity test; it shows you the way to improve yourself and make you judge your personality without someone’s help. It helps you to connect with your peeps.

Check Out Purity Question & Answers For Boys & Girls at FAQs

Why do you need to test the purity of rice?

This test lets you know about your self more interestingly its is an initiative that is designed with lots of hard work just for your personality grooming. Try it and know about this by yourself. Take the test once and get astonished with results.

Specially youngsters they only think about boredom when they heard about the test. This is different from a regular perspective. It is common that teenagers get involved in different luxuries that are leaving bad impacts on them unknowingly but this helps to let you know where you are going and where you stand basically in life.

I’m not saying everything, but many do.

This survey by Rice University is the best option to find out for yourself. It even brings you to know your intimate life better. If you are not interested in discussing your nature with friends or at least interested in meeting the expert to find out about your personality.

Well if you get not good results and scored badly in the test then not to worry don’t get disappointed and lose hope. Work on yourself and try again you can request the purity test again after one month or after two to three weeks depending on your choice. Keep checking the score time to see how much you’ve improved.

Don’t worry about your privacy, this is a 100% safe place to take a personality test.

History of the Purity Test

The rice purity test has an engrossing history and lasts almost 95 years. The basic purpose of the test is to help the student to take new steps in university life and to build good relations with his pals.

In 1924, the first rice purity test was considered and mainly administered to women. It contains questions such as: have you ever been drunk? Have you ever cheated?

The rice purity test impersonates the step to help the student stop them from following the wrong path. This helps the student to improve where he lacks and quash all bad vibes. This allows cooler students to socialize more in unfamiliar surroundings.

If you have any queries about the survey, you can check out the frequently asked questions about the rice purity test. It really helps! Good Luck!

  • Rice Purity Test For Boys

Rice Purity Test is to be made up of 100 questions related to the boy’s life to conclude the purity.

  • Rice Purity Test For Girls

Rice Purity Test is to be made up of 100 questions related to the girl’s life to conclude the purity.


No. of Queries In Rice Purity Test

In the rice purity test, there are numerous questions to be asked by the test user /candidate. All these ambiguities are based on and regarding all acts done before until the test is taken. The limit of these queries is started from 50 to 2000.

The nature of these questions is related to some illegal illicit activities, drug addiction, some sexual activities, use of alcohol and some cringe incidences.  The purpose of this test is to check only innocence of candidate it never hurt any nature and personality of a person.

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Rice Purity Test Score Divisions:

There is a scoring division too in this survey to assess it that how much and up to which grade the person stands. The score feature of the test also helps the candidate to improve his /her affected domain productively and effectively in a defined time period. The score scale is from 0% to 100%. The score scaling categories help ones to come to know how pure they are. Higher scores show the high rate of pureness whereas the poor score shows the less level of pureness and large in impure. The Rice Purity Test may also feature the most popular bitcoin trivia quiz right now to determine how well you know bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. If your score is less than 50, it indicates that you are unfamiliar with crypto concepts and it is not advisable to begin trading on your own. If you score higher than 95, you have a good chance of making a lot of profit in this industry. Novice traders who are inexperienced with crypto concepts and trading must first decide where they want to execute the trade. To reduce risk, always begin trading with a demo account. Many automated trading platforms, such as the Bitcoin code 2022, allow you to open a demo account and play around with the platforms.

Score around 45

This score is considered the least poor bad score in it. A person who scored around 45 seems to have some mental problem and needs to seek any counselling session and guidance to overcome that illness.

Score around 45 to 76

According to the survey people under this score scale are mostly shy and standoffish they feel apprehended and avoid social circles. They always have discomfort feelings in social gathering and preferred to be anti-social. They actually facing Social anxiety disorder/ social phobia. In psychology, its name is a psychiatric disorder.

Score around 61 to 76

The score of 61 and 61.7 is considered an average score in rice purity test and that scored people considered as having average pure personality traits.

Score around 77 to 93

People in this scoreboard are considered good in arts and some innovative things. It’s mean they are much pure. This category includes people of all mediocre and elite class families.

Score around 94 to 97

Students stand under this scale are all well-disciplined and they are good at balancing the cringe and worst moments of their lives too. They are growing constantly they also seem to be motivated by themselves in overcoming any trauma, dilemma and troublesome of their life.

Score around 98 to 100

This category is of excellent scoring. The candidates of it seem to have a very happy, pleasant smooth going life with all the pleasures of life. They are criminal minded too sometimes it’s because these type of people get all the facilities and born with a golden spoon in their mouth.

Features of Purity Test

  • Its helps a lot in reviling the hidden traits of individuals and also helps to know about self-more.
  • It evaluates the level of innocence in some specific characteristics very easily and smoothes going with the help of a questionnaire.
  • Helps in improving and grooming their own personality.
  • Diagnose the syndromes and also provide a platform of counselling.
  • Will boost up in improving and motivate one from a poor background or poor past trauma to again live a normal happy life.

How To Improve Scoring In Purity Test?

There are many ways to improve your scorecard in it but all those ways are simple, easy and implementable. So these ways are vice versa;

  • Good personality trait and IQ level

A person with good ethical acknowledgement, healthy innovative mind with perfect sound intellectual level can easily score well in it.  If a person wants good inspiring attractive personality then one should focus on moral values. For this one should be good in his/her gestures, body language, social dealing style and should have strong command on his/her language, emotions and pitch of voice/ vocal tone.

  • Maturity level

All the queries of rice purity test are maturity based. For improving score one should have an understanding towards deep maturity level which includes a good sense of social relationships, mature mind setup, crystal clear provision towards future etc.

  • Criminal acts

If a person involved in any criminal illegal activities ever before then this may affect the scorecard badly. Because a sick mind always commits crimes so one should avoid this criminal filed acts in order to score well in it or to be purer in real life.

  • Distractions

Long screening time on the internet and other APK devices may distract you from the path of life. They damage your nervous system which may further create hurdles in controlling your emotions, feelings and thoughts. This may lead to destroy your mental health completely and distract and collapse your logical thinking skills to.

  • Frequent intakes of drugs

The consumption of drugs may also drag you much back in rice purity test. As one who takes drug frequently may not be in his/her sense they enjoy in living their abstract world created by their own in this way they may have a poor social circle with zero optimistic and cognitive approach.

  • Sound body and sound mind

There is a phrase a sound mind has a sound body which clearly elaborates that a healthy mind will have a healthy body too. In making the body and mind collaborating and works healthier one should be optimistic and should do exercise regularly, so, in this way, one’s mind will be creative, innovative and will have sound cognitive skills.

  • Heritage of an individual

The background, norms, values and culture of an individual plays a vital role in it. A person with firm heritage value will have a high level of integrity and honesty which makes the relationships stronger and long-lasting and helps a lot in dealing with and overcome all the trauma, phobia and depression.


This Purity test is much productive in lifting up one mentally ill person and pushed him up back to the normal routine life. But the awareness about this test should prevail everywhere that this test is just for fun it is not an accurate score scale to show or tagged you pure or impure. This test breaches the anxiety, mood swings and depression which further if seriously heaped up creates troubled incidence like criminal activities, suicidal attempts etc. however in this advanced technology era there is still a large group of people who takes rice purity test negatively or there are some also exists who even don’t know the purpose and even the name of this test so psychiatrists should work on this file too in providing acknowledgement about it.